About the role

We are currently seeking a seasoned Manager of Internal Control to strengthen our financial integrity and operational efficiency.


Develop and implement internal audit, risk management, and control systems in line with recognized standards.
Establish robust control measures to effectively forecast, measure, and mitigate company-level risks.
Enhance awareness and understanding of internal controls, ensuring cost-effective management aligned with company objectives.
Oversee the full audit cycle, including risk management, and evaluate the efficacy of financial operations.
Ensure compliance with legal, accounting directives, and regulations.
Identify financial management gaps and suggest risk mitigation strategies.
Expertise in auditing standards, procedures, laws, and regulations.
Analyze risks and weaknesses in financial cycles, proposing improvement methods.
Assess and ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of accounting and financial controls.
Minimum five years of experience in finance and banking sectors.
Conduct periodic audits and report findings to management.
Collaborate with external auditors, providing necessary documentation.


Bachelor's degree in Accounting, Bank Management, or Financial and Banking Sciences.
Proven track record of relevant training courses.
Exceptional analytical and problem-solving skills.
Excellent communication and leadership abilities.

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