Digital First

With an all-in-one solution, areeba supports banks & fintech in providing end-to-end digital payment experience for their customers from a full digital onboarding to card issuance, card controls, mobile payments and many more.

  • Digital KYC/KYB & Onboarding: apply an electronic process to capture user details, verify identity and conduct instant online background checks to eliminate the need for tedious in-person verification.
  • Instant Card issuing: Make digital cards instantly available to your customers on their mobile device by securely displaying sensitive card information on the application, allowing them to make in-store and online purchases without the need for a physical card.
  • Card Controls: give your customers full control on what, where & how much they spend with a set of card controls and spending limits.
  • E-pin: your customer will be able to securely view their PIN code in the application.
  • Mobile Payment: enable your customers to use their mobile for payment using NFC (near field communication) or QR code.
  • e-Commerce: give your merchants the tools they need to grow their online business.
Digital Solutions
Digital Solutions

3D Secure

Our 3-D Secure service is compliant with the latest 3DS protocols and ensures the highest level of fraud security, allowing issuers to meet scheme requirements and create tailored cardholder authentication experiences that prevent fraud.

Virtual Card

Our system allows Issuers to create virtual cards and link them to their mobile banking or wallets. areeba Virtual Card is a digital substitute of familiar plastic card and ideal solution and ideal solutions for online payments and subscriptions. The use of Virtual Cards for online payments will keep the details of the customer primary card safe.
Digital Solutions
Digital Solutions

Card Control and e-pin

With our Card Control services, issuers can provide their cardholders access through their mobile banking to activate cards, view pins, enable & disable transactions, and view card transaction details.

Mobile Payment and Tokenization

areeba supports issuers with HCE technology (host card emulation) that enables them to create their own mobile payment allowing their cardholders to store multiple cards on their smartphone to perform secure contactless payments.
Digital Solutions